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Special Session

Title Presenter Paper
BANGKOK REMADE: Design to Enhance Climate Resilience, Social Equity and inspire the Nation’s Imagination - A Case Study of the Khlong Toei Port lands Zoom Niall Kirkwood
Exploration and Practice of Urban Regeneration in China's Development and Transformation Bian Lanchun
Reviving Cityscapes: Taipei's Education-Oriented Development (E.O.D.) in a Shifting Landscape Zoom Wei-Bin Chen
Visualizing transect-oriented city formation Grace Ramos
Sydney: Flooding and the Cumberland plain Peter Armstrong

Session 1 - Urban Design

Title Presenter Paper
From Recovery to Resilience: Transformative Design Studio Pedagogy for Climate-Ready Coastal Communities Zoom Samin Han
Urban parks reimagined: a framework for inclusivity and vibrancy Zoom Keunhyun Park
The study on the Improvement of Policies for Strengthening the Publicness of Donation Accepting Public Buildings Sunhye Bae
Fostering Innovative and Design Thinking for Students in Architectural and Urban Design Education Through Practical Design Projects in University Campus Zoom Tam DO Le Phuc
Insight to Planning and Design of Public Open Space: Assessing Graduate Students' Access to POS and Impacts on Wellbeing Odilia-Renaningtyas Manifesty

Session 2 - Urban Sustainability & Regeneration

Title Presenter Paper
Research on Spatial Perception of World Heritage City Based on Network Text Analysis Zoom Hanbin Wei
A Study on Sustainable Operation of Urban Regeneration Facilities Youngha Kim
Several features and contemporary trends in landscaping and design of urban open spaces in Russia Zoom Ekaterina Shafray

Session 3 - Emerging Scholars

Title Presenter Paper
Basic Concept and Three-dimensional Urban Spatial Planning Analysis of the Integrated Urban Architecuture Plan - Focusing on Gwangmyeong Siheung District 3rd New Town Jou-young Park
Analysis of Electroencephalogram and Fear of Crime Perception in Virtual Reality : Examining the influence of illuminance variations on Pedestrian Experience Woojin Park
A study on Factors Affecting Sales in Seoul's Alley Commercial Districts Before and After COVID=19 Illji Kim
Assessing the Evolution and Impact of National Smart City Policies on Urban Clusters in China: A Decadal Analysis of Policy Dynamics and Urban Development Hechi Lian
The association between health and Green Infrastructure accessibility : Seongnam city Newtown vs Oldtown Kitae Park