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UDA2024 will be a hybrid conference. Presenters can choose whether to present their papers offline (on-site) or online (real-time through ZOOM), In general, we consider online presentations (Zoom) for overseas speakers and on-site (in-person) presentations for resident speakers. If you have a different plan, please let us know in advance.

- Each presentation should be no more than 10-12 minutes long.

- All presenters should submit their presentation file (PDF recommended) by April 17th, 2024

- Online presenters should join in their ZOOM session at least 10 minutes before the session begins.

For those who are unable to join the conference in real-time due to the significant time difference, we may allow pre-recorded video presentations. If you are in this case, please contact us in advance.

Please use our <online submission system>(link) to upload the presentation file.
* If you have trouble with using our online submission system, please send the file via e-mail ( along with